Anything New For 2013?

So here we are, already several weeks into 2013 and is there anything new to report on the networking front?

Not really – currently the same stories as we’ve been hearing for the past year or two – SDN, Cloud etc…. I am, at least, about to put some element of cloud to the test with Aryaka – WanOp as a cloud-based service. More details on this shortly, but we will be testing it as a regular customer; i.e. remote login via the Internet etc, so this will be a true user-style test case.
Also just finished some repeat testing with an old client, Voipex – the company has always had an excellent VoIP optimisation story but now it has added lots of data networking functionality that gives it a very different angle to the default WanOp players. The report will be appearing shortly on the Broadband-Testing website.
Meantime, back to the world of SDN etc – is anyone really buying into it properly at the moment, rather than just a bit of toe-dipping with OpenFlow etc? That question applies equally to end users and vendors… Or are we simply in another of those eras of solutions seeking problems?
Answers on the back of a hybrid real/virtual postcard in a dropbox at the end of your ‘net connection!
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