Acquisitions And Reinventions Continued...

Much of the talk on this blog recently has involved the world of acquisitions. And so it goes on.


A recent meeting with Phil and Jim from the UK and US arms of Netscout respectively focused partially on their completion of the acquisition of the comms business of Danaher Corp – Danaher is an enormous company; I can imagine a conversation in parts of that company where one employee in a different division comments on “we’ve just sold our comms business” and another saying “did we have a comms business?” However – it’s a very sizeable business in its own right and actually turns Netscout into kind of a “big” company.


This comes with obvious complications. I can remember a conversation with ex F5 SVP marketing and top geezer Erik Giesa years ago at F5s HQ in Seattle and he talked about (while using his arms to emphasise the size of the offices) how F5 had never intended becoming a “big company” – simply that no one had acquired them in time before their market cap became too big to make them attractive any longer.


That said, Netscout seems to have all the angles covered, even the Arbor Networks security oriented element of the acquisitiion – I mean, on the surface, how does cyber security fit into network monitoring? Surprisingly easily as it happens – a no-brainer if you think about at; incredibly valuable information being extracted from the network needs the most protection of all. SNMP v1 anybody? You can imagine all the IT guys who used it to death way back ow thinking: “what possessed me to send intimate details about the corporate network across completely open connections in plain text?” Of course, the Arbor element runs way deeper than that, but you get the message. It’s as I have talked about in recent blogs, pretty well all IT companies are having to reinvent themselves, whether in networking or not. Hell – some people still think Dell only makes laptops!


It will, however, be interesting indeed to see how Netscout progresses as a company with a broad range of products and a massively increased customer base to keep happy. Good luck chaps!


Talking of mergers and acquisitions, just read that the green light has been given for BT and EE to get their act together  – when I’m in the UK I’m with BT on broadband and EE on mobile – what did I do to deserve this? For the record, the BT Homehub5 has surely the worst coverage of any WiFi router I’ve used in the past 15 years. It doesn’t  even extend between two bedrooms (don’t ask why I’m using this as the metric)! Time for signal booster acquisition, or a better router obviously, but that’s the easy option. I don’t do easy options…