e-Commerce tech provides online magazines with seamless retail channel

Bauer Media has begun a partnership with Atosho to allow readers of their online magazines to purchase products without having to be redirected to the retailer’s website.

Bauer’s Mother & Baby website will be the first magazine to implement the distributed e-commerce service, which claims to be the only one available in Europe.

After visiting the website and giving the technology a whirl, it indeed seamlessly integrates the online content and online shopping without needing to leave the magazine to purchase a featured product. When hovering over an icon of a shopping basket, an iframe pops up which effectively gives you a browser within the browser, without opening up a new page.




This means that publishers would not need to worry about the threat of readers leaving their site due to a product they have featured in the online mag.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to enhance our readers’ experience and believe that providing them with the opportunity to buy the products they are reading about without interrupting their viewing journey offers real value and is a genuine step forward in joined up e-commerce,” said Tracy Holcombe, e-commerce and new business development manager from Bauer Media