The value of IT trade bodies

I was having a chat recently with a CIO at a large multinational who worked in several countries worldwide, including Brazil and the UK, about trade bodies and their function.

In Brazil, there is a myriad of trade bodies supposedly focused on helping the local IT industry to develop, export and so on. There are so many associations that the CIO in question didn’t even know about those who are supposed to be more prominent.

“The IT sector is quite competitive, so there is a proliferation of trade bodies as a result. I have seen it happening in other countries as well,” the IT executive said.

“I was never really clear about the benefits of joining these associations and the value that I would get by attending their functions or supporting projects that never deliver any concrete results – it seems to be always work in progress with these guys.”

In many countries, the world of IT trade associations is seen as old-fashioned and not very efficient. I would be interested in hearing the views from people who take part in these trade bodies and also those who don’t.

Is there any value in being a part of these clubs other than having something else to add as a current role on LinkedIn? What value did you/do you get out of being a member?

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