Spending Review: Focus on quick IT savings raises concerns

Senior figures in UK IT have voiced concerns that the government’s drive on generating short-term savings may jeopardise any plans fore technology-driven change or transformation.
According to one high-ranking practitioner, there is a strong focus on cutting cost fast in public sector – with the innovation waiting for later. 
“The government has made it clear to the suppliers that they are after significant short term savings, but they have said that after the savings targets are achieved, there will be a longer term reform programme,” the source added. 
Another senior government source, who requested anonymity, said the intention to only reduce spending and neglecting the bigger picture in terms of IT efficiency may have longer-term consequences. 
“There has been the ICT moratorium recently, but there will be a cultural fight about what is a service that can be cut and what will be delivered. The conversation will be around cuts, not how to change what we deliver,” the source said. 
“I’m scared that we will focus on quick wins and cuts and never get round to the transformation that is desperately needed in government procurement.”
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