Wipro's strategy in Europe outlined

Wipro’s new European head, Jeffrey Heenan Jalil, outlined his plans for the business to me yesterday.

This plan is made up of three key themes. These are: Transformation, glocalisation and flexibility.

These themes are all reactions to what customers want.

Here are some more details.

1 – Transformation.

This is about building up the capability to help customers transform their businesses. To do this the company is investing in its consultancy business. To this end it is targeting senior staff at the big five consultancies, you know the Accentures and IBMs of this world, and is being successful in doing so.

2 – Glocalisation

Wipro wants to employ people local to its customers to make it a truly global company that can support global companies.

For example Wipro is trying to rebalance its staff in Europe. It wants to increase the proportion that is from the regions they work in. By the end of this year it wants 50% of people serving European customers to be locals. About 42% of its European staff are local today, compared to 32% last year.

Heenan Jalil said the reason for this change is a communication one. Workers serving customers must be able to fully understand customers and they must be fully understood by customers.

3 – Flexibility

The third part of the strategy is being more flexible with its technology solutions as well as the way they are paid for.

For example things like pay as you go could be offered more.

Being flexible in this context means going into a customer with an open mind. In other words suppliers should not go in with the decision on what they need to do already made. But this does not mean Wipro will supply no consultancy, because they will.