Wipro latest Indian supplier to declare its intent in UK government sector

I have been blogging recently about what the Indian IT suppliers are planning in the UK government sector.

This is on the back of chancellor George Osborne’s invitation to Indian IT firms to bid and then the point being reiterated by government CIO John Suffolk.

So far we have Cognizant retaining its private sector focus, Infosys trying to grow its private sector business further, while HCL and Mahindra Satyam are up for the challenge. TCS is already on the trail with a recent contract with the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA),  to administer the National Employment Savings Trust (Nest) pension scheme.

I bumped into Wipro’s European head, Jeffrey Heenan Jalil, at the recent National Outsourcing awards, and asked him his government sector plans.

He said Wipro would be going for it.

“The Government sector is an integral part of Wipro’s growth strategy in the U.K. as with other markets across the globe. Wipro brings tried and tested, efficient IT models that can help local and national governments deliver greater efficiency.”