Will new Google ranking rule stimulate outsourced web development?

If research carried out by website optimization firm Aptimize is accurate the UK’s FTSE companies need to improve the performance of their websites.

It describes how UK FTSE companies have slower websites than their US equivalents.

Google recently announced that it would measure the speed of websites when deciding where to rank them. The slower ones will be ranked lower and we all know how important a good google ranking is.

Web development is not the speciality of most IT departments let alone businesses so there must be a need for these companies to outsource the development of websites to specialists.

Website speed is now such an important differentiator that there could be an increase in outsourced development. Businesses won’t mind paying for specialist development if it directly affects their Google ranking.

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I'm sure we're all aware about Googles desire to incorporate website loading speed in their ranking process, so I thought you'd find this technique to speed up your site by 3 to 4 times using 2 lines of code useful.

I think it'll work with any site, but it's particularly useful if you're using a cumbersome CMS like Wordpress and Moveable Type.

Basically if your host has zlib compression enabled you can add 2 lines of code above the document type in the header, and when a visitors browser calls the pages, your server will automatically compress them and send the compressed file to their browser.

I don't want to go into too much detail here, so if you search for it in Google you should find various sites with instructions.

I've been testing it with some of my sites (it takes a couple of minutes to add the code), and it does indeed make a huge difference.