Will it be Nasscom, Brasscom, Slasscom or another?

India has lead the way for IT offshoring over the last ten years but like any sport the pioneers are always pegged back eventually.

Cricket, Football and Rugby were once dominated by England but then it shared it with others, who often put even more focus on it and become better than the inventors.

Today there are organisations set up to promote IT and BPO offshoring in many developing countries. They try to prevent locations becoming seen as risky for businesses to outsource to.

The best known is Nasscom in India but there are many others and below is a selection.

Brasscom – Brazil

Slasscom – Sri Lanka

ITiDA – Egypt

There are also countries like China and the Philippines as well as a host of South American states that are establishing themselves offshore business services centres.

Next month I am going to put together some profiles of some of these locations.

If you have any other favourites or information please contact me either through a comment or by email on karl.flinders@rbi.co.uk

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