Will LinkedIn kill the IT recruitment industry?

LinkedIn is increasing its focus on the recruitment industry with the appointment of Ariel Eckstein as managing director of its Hiring Solutions business.

I think the IT outsourcing sector could probably benefit from this and probably already does. The IT profession uses social media extensively so recruitment and job seeking on LinkedIn can become just part of the daily routine.

It is a good way of building teams quickly for projects because profiles of people and recommendations from others are trusted on LinkedIn.

I know that specialist IT workers are sometimes hard to find, but LinkedIn’s social networking brings together groups of people with similar skills. I know Microsoft has used it to recruit specialist software developers because I did a story about it last year.

Even IT suppliers are finding it hard to fill specific roles .

LinkedIn’s reach is massive and with stats like those below and LinkedIn’s recruitment focus combined, the recruitment sector faces massive disruption.

• 4 million UK members

• 15 million European members

• 25% of FTSE 100 companies hire through LinkedIn

• 50% of Fortune 100 companies hire through LinkedIn

• 1 professional joins LinkedIn every second

• 1 million professionals joining LinkedIn every 12 days

• 1 billion people searched on LinkedIn last year

• There are 500,000 LinkedIn groups.

But does LinkedIn’s rise mean more established recruitment companies will have to fall?

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I think LinkedIn will be the Facebook of the hiring world. Still, there are many opotions out there. What's great with LinkedIn is the huge amount of potential matches, where one can verify the credibility of a person and read testimonials from other people. In the end, it's all about the top choice on who will give you value for your money. Cheers!