Will £40,000 minimum salary curb intra company transfer immigration loophole?

The alleged abuse of the Intra Company Transfer (ICT) scheme could diminish through a minimum salary level set for workers using this route into the UK.

The government is reported to be about to introduce a minimum salary of £40,000 for ICTs.

This follows the outrage sparked by the exclusion of ICTs from the final immigration cap.

The £40,000 minimum salary should help stop suppliers bring staff in from low cost locations, and pay less than their UK equivalents. It will also give a fair deal to those overseas workers in the UK.

“This should be some good news for UK IT workers and for underpaid workers sent to the UK,” said one campaigner.

Most campaigners against ICT abuse are not against overseas workers coming to the UK. They just think it is unfair that UK workers can’t compete because the overseas workers are not paid appropriately.
It seems I got a mention in a Home Affairs committee.