Why don't IBM and Accenture get a harder time over offshoring IT roles?

I was talking to a senior executive at an Indian IT service provider recently and as always the subject of offshoring roles to India harming UK staff came up.


He says Indian firms get a rough ride compared to their Western competitors in regard to offshoring IT jobs.


The blog has recently featured some posts about the so alleged damage being done to the UK IT profession. The post I linked to got lots of reaction.


As a balanced blog about outsourcing I try and get both side of the story so here is the executive’s comment.


“IBM and Accenture do not get the hard time we get.”


He is talking about the fact that IBM has over 100,000 staff in India providing IT support at low cost and Accenture which also has thousands of India based staff.


So why don’t western companies with large India based workforces not get such a hard time?


It could be because journalists, like me, forget to put the same pressure for answers to the big Western companies.