Why don't IBM and Accenture get a harder time over offshoring IT roles?

I was talking to a senior executive at an Indian IT service provider recently and as always the subject of offshoring roles to India harming UK staff came up.


He says Indian firms get a rough ride compared to their Western competitors in regard to offshoring IT jobs.


The blog has recently featured some posts about the so alleged damage being done to the UK IT profession. The post I linked to got lots of reaction.


As a balanced blog about outsourcing I try and get both side of the story so here is the executive’s comment.


“IBM and Accenture do not get the hard time we get.”


He is talking about the fact that IBM has over 100,000 staff in India providing IT support at low cost and Accenture which also has thousands of India based staff.


So why don’t western companies with large India based workforces not get such a hard time?


It could be because journalists, like me, forget to put the same pressure for answers to the big Western companies.





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Couple of thoughts:

Accenture etc spent a lot of time/money cultivating political friends (puppets?) in the last government, which is why they could get away with offshoring work and onshoring thousands of foreign IT trainees under the banner of the largely mythical "skills crisis" (as if we don't have enough inexperienced IT graduates of our own).

Now that Cameron's government is busy sucking up to big business in India, and as nobody in the UK government or major IT suppliers seems to give a damn about sustaining the UK IT industry and skilled IT workforce anyway, we can expect Indian firms to be able to get away with the same tricks more easily in future.

Let's not forget CapGemini, Steria, Logica, Capita etc

They probably get less stick because at least they employed many locals in the past.

All the companies mentioned above have also been heavily involved in big public sector projects, often onshoring staff/offshoring work paid for by the UK taxpayer i.e. we've been subsidising the destruction of our own IT industry. But if the government had tried to stop this, their already extortionately over-priced suppliers would just turn around and claim increased costs/delays due to the alleged shortage of skilled UK IT staff (as if filling projects with imported computing trainees or shipping work off to these so-called experts in Idia had proved any more effective at delivering value for money). Both sides had a vested interest in wrecking our IT industry, and now it sounds like Vince Cable has joined the lemming-like rush towards the cliff-edge.

Emigrate now if you want a career in IT.

The US IBM employee organization Alliance@IBM has been hammering IBM on offshoring jobs for years. While some in the media report it our political leaders ignore it. The Alliance has sent emails and faxes to many congressional reps only to be met with silence.