Why do IT suppliers write better software for themselves than their government customers?

I blogged back last month about research from software testing firm. The research, known as the appmarq report,  that in the UK government applications were the least changeable of all UK sectors.

The less changeable the software  the more expensive and costly it is to replace.

Funny thing is the IT consultancy sector had the most changeable software in the study. And even funnier is the fact that 75% of government applications are developed by suppliers.
So IT consultancies are giving the government less changeable software than they use themselves.

Is this to tie customers in?

The appmarq report carried out analysis of 288 applications at 75 organisations across the UK.

The findings put into perspective the challenge facing the government’s cost cutting plans. New suppliers will need to change systems to support cost cutting.

The report also revealed the most expensive programming languages to fix.