Who needs ERP software when people are so cheap?

Banks in Asia find it cheaper to use people rather then ERP software.

I was at Ovum‘s banking conference yesterday and I was chatting to analyst Rik Turner.
He has just got back from a business trip in Hong Kong where he met up with lots of banks in the region.

My other hat at Computer weekly, other than covering IT outsourcing, is financial services IT. But I always ask about outsourcing because it is so big in the banking sector.

Rik said many of the banks in Asia don’t have ERP systems because it is easier for people to do the work that the software would do around things like accounts, payroll and HR because labour is so cheap.

People cheaper than software. Software robots could be the next big thing in the Western world as they undercut cheap offshore workers to carry out business processes.

See this article I did about it: Machines are rising and they are offshore IT killers.

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