When will IBM become an Indian company?

Cognizant is always grouped with Indian suppliers Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, TCS and HCL to make the India SWITCH group.

It doesn’t really work now because Satyam has Mahindra in front of it. But it’s a good acronym.

But as we know Cognizant is actually a US company that happens to use the low cost offshore delivery model, with most of its actual staff in India.

It lnow ooks set to increase the number of its workers that are in India, with a planned expansion of its campuses there.

How long it will be before IBM is an Indian company? It has thousands of employees in India, over 100,000 according to some, and it can only increase if the global IT services market continues the way it is going. Redundancies always seem to be in the US or Europe so India might catch up.

After all there is talk of the company changing its recruitment model to one that uses mainly contractors. See this article I wrote about it last year.

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