What's all the worry about? The cloud is more secure

In the on-premise versus in the cloud debate it is always the subject of security that swings people in favour of on-premise.

People feel safer if their software is on their own premises, but does that mean it is safer. Everybody is connected to the internet so bricks and mortar is no protection.

You could argue that if it is on your own premises you have better control of physical security.

Anyway the point of this post is to highlight research from  analyst firm Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), which states that: “Cloud [is] more secure than on-premise IT”

“Rapid development in cloud-based security, including physical security within the data centres, means that, for many firms, it is more effective and cost efficient to locate IT systems in the cloud than on on-premise equipment. CIOs and CISOs should consider the cloud for many of their IT systems, while for SMEs and local government PAC recommends that it should be the default architecture,” said PAC.

“Security is often regarded as an inhibitor to cloud adoption,” said Duncan Brown, research director for cyber-security at PAC and the report’s author. “But today’s cloud-based security capability embeds state-of-the-art cyber and physical security that most company would find prohibitively expensive if implemented on-premise.”

With the outsourcing industry being transformed by cloud computing IT service providers can differentiate through adding value in areas such as security.

PAC said cloud service providers (CSPs) were initially slow to understand the importance of security and associated privacy issues. If this is the case they must have been meeting potential clients with ear muffs on.

“…in the last year PAC has noted a broad shift in CSPs’ marketing, positioning and product development strategies driven by two major trends. Firstly, security in the cloud is now a much more reliable and viable alternative to in-house security. Secondly, leading US-based CSPs are investing in their European credentials. Meanwhile non-US CSPs, particularly those headquartered in Europe, are making a virtue out of having datacentres based in Europe.

There are good reasons to take a cloud-based approach to security. Cyber security is highly complex, requiring deep technical skills. It is therefore expensive, the cost being exacerbated by a global shortage of skilled professionals.”

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