What makes a convincing cloud service?

I interviewed the Imperial ICT service centre manager at London’s Imperial College last week about the college’s move to a cloud based IT service management (ITSM) service.

Paul Carter, told me about the move from an 8 year old system to a cloud based service from ServiceNow. As well as flexibility and the ability to pay as they consume the service removes the need for in-house development of the user interface. See the article here.

But what I found more interesting was his comments about unconvincing cloud offerings. He told me the college initially looked at 15 ITSM systems and narrowed it down to four. Of these, three were cloud-based. But he said not all entirely convincingly.

This is a recurring theme in the IT sector and is the result of the huge buzz around cloud services.

In September last year I interviewed the head of IT at credit company International Personal Finance (IPF), Andrew Herdand he told me how difficult it actually was to find a supplier that could provide what the company wanted. He also said there were huge differences in the prices applied to very specific requests for a cloud service.

The first thing IPF did when it decided it wanted to move to the cloud was to go to 20 suppliers to see what they offered. IPF realised it was going to be a challenge when less than half had anything resembling what they needed.

So what makes a convincing cloud offering?

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