What IT are European businesses outsourcing? Survey part 4.

Over the last two days I have reported the findings of a survey looking at the IT services plans of businesses in Europe and North America. This survey was compiled by TechTarget, which is Computer weekly’s parent company.

Part one looked at how IT services budgets will change next year. See it here.

Part two revealed what the drivers for I service budget increases and decreases are. See it here. 

Part three revealed the main influences on supplier selection in Europe. See it here.

Today in part four, I can reveal which technologies European businesses are planning to outsource. Next week technology by technology I will report which suppliers are being chosen.

See table below for results.

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Does your organization plan to use outside services to aid in any of the following in the next 24 months. (select all that apply)    
Network / Wide Area Network / Unified Communications installation, maintenance, upgrade.   32.90%
Storage / Disaster Recovery / Backup installation, upgrade   37.20%
Server installation, upgrade, or services   30.70%
Enterprise Application installation upgrade or customization services (ERP, CRM, Email)   27.00%
Compliance / IT Security related services   20.40%
Data Center Facility Design / Redesign   20.40%
Asset Management / License Management   8.00%
Server Virtualization   25.60%
Desktop Virtualization   16.80%
Network Virtualization   11.00%
Cloud Computing   29.20%
Business Process Outsourcing   8.80%
None of the above   20.40%
Other   1.50%