Was the staff exodus at EDS the wider IT services industry's gain?

When HP acquired EDS in 2008 there was an exodus of staff.

I was contacted by EDSers in the US and the UK in the months after the take-over. They were not a happy bunch.

As a result of staff being laid off, leaving on their own accord or just being unhappy, many felt that HP would suffer as a result.

One thing seems clear and that is the fact that lots of former EDS staff are now working for other companies in the sector. Every event I seem to go to I bump into someone who was at EDS but is now working for one of its former competitors.

People always tell me that EDS revolutionized the IT services market. I suppose HP spent billions of pounds on it for a reason. It was never going to retain everyone was it?

So the break-up of a company like EDS has probably done the wider industry some good by spreading talent and experience. Especially with non-specialist services companies like Dell and HP trying to emulate IBM Global Services.

So do you think the exodus at EDS helped the competition? And how well is HP doing in the services sector without the staff that left?

The upcoming research from KPMG in the form of the former Equaterra study of service provider performances in the UK might shed some light on it. I am expecting to be able to shed light on the results of this comprehensive report soon.

Here is a link to information about last year’s study. Well the last one was in 2010 but the latest one was has been delayed a bit as a result of KPMG’s take-over of Equaterra.

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