Video: how bringing offshore IT workers to UK is destroying UK IT profession and ripping off taxman

Since I have blogged recently about the problem caused by businesses bringing offshore workers to the UK I thought I would promote a Youtube video (see below) sent in by a reader.

This video, which is part of a campaign against government policy, explains how both the UK IT profession and the UK government suffer as a result of the practice of businesses bringing cheap IT workers to the UK to replace IT staff. More to the point allowing them to class a tax free allowance as part of the salary and avoid paying tax as a result.

See these blogs I wrote last week they also explain the issue but the video makes it clear:

Offshore IT workers in the UK avoid paying taxes but are not breaking the law.

Masochistic government IT offshoring rules that reduce tax revenue and increase discontent.

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Fantastic video!

Great video!

It's a triple whammy for the government. Not only do they loose tax revenue, they also have to pay unemployment benefit to all the UK resident IT professionals and graduates who are out of work.

People on benefits normally have less disposable income than people in employment, hence less money finds it's way back to government coffers in indirect taxation.

Unfortunately, I can't see the rules changing unless we convince the mainstream press to put the issue in the limelight.