Uncertainty still hangs over offshoring at Birmingham City Council

I recently spoke to a member of the Unite union who said Birmingham City Council’s plan to outsource 100 of its staff are still hanging in the balance.

The council originally intended to offshore the work to India, but had to re-evaluate plans after a backlash against proposals.

However, the Unite union member said there are mixed feelings among councillors, with some saying the controversial plans will steam ahead, while others claim they are to be abandoned.

Another source told Inside Outsourcing that the council was very likely to go ahead with plans anyway, but was keeping quiet for the time being for reasons of political expediency.

While the significant cost savings attached to outsourcing will remain an attractive option to cash-strapped councils, public opinion surrounding the issue is something the government itself is fully aware of.

In recent guidelines it published about offshoring it said: “If the service currently employs staff in the UK whose jobs would be lost under the new arrangements, you would expect to have to take instruction from ministers before proceeding.”

I will post another another update as soon as we hear more information.

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