UK jobs created by India suppliers

Indian IT companies are often criticised because their business model often means that UK IT workers are subsequently replaced by lower cost workers form India. So the allegation goes.

But as these Indian companies beome true global players they are establishing presences in the UK and other European states.

L&T Infotech for example has just announced a new operation in Northern Ireland which will provide development and support services to global customers.

It is creating 85 jobs initially but this will increase if business grows.

HCL also has an operation in Northern Ireland which has grown suignificantly since it was established in 2001. It now employs about 2000 people.

Maybe thes companies could help the UK economy by taking on the staff made redundant in the public sector. If they want to offer BPO and IT services in the public sector then it makes sence to get staff with experience.

It might also help Indian companies overcome potential problems caused to them by the caps on ICTs that the Tories have propsed,