UK government to continue to outsource services as its kicks off second half

Often when suppliers are called into the Cabinet Office it means bad news.

According to this article, Paul Pindar who is CEO of back office service provider Capita, had a nice experience when he last visited.

According to Reuters, this is what he had to say after meeting with the Cabinet Office. “One of the clear themes that came through was that we’re now in the second half of the football match and the activity needs to kick off again.”

Could the second half see the introduction of the new Indian winger? You know the one. Young, fast and still on a low salary.

Pindar said that the MoJ, MoD and local authorities are showing signs of being the best opportunities.

I am curious about what the government will outsource next in terms of IT? The Universal Credit looks like it might be turning into a bit of a disaster and there is controversy at local authorities that are planning to outsource, such as Cornwall council.


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