UK government finally makes it easier for SME IT suppliers

The government has kept to its word and changed its procurement process to make it easier for small suppliers to sell IT to the public sector. But will things change?

Yes the government’s Contracts Finder website is up and running. See this article for more details.

IT suppliers with a great product and/or service will now have a chance of selling it into the public sector. At the same time public sector organisations will have access to innovative products and services from small, often local suppliers. The increased competition and choice would end the dominance of a few large suppliers.

Importantly the pre-qualification questionnaires for all central government procurements under £100,000 will be eliminated.

The government already launched a website for small suppliers to explain why the have trouble competing for public sector work.

Here is the most recent example of a complaint made by a supplier on this website: “The jargon used in contract notices/tenders is confusing and over complicated. So much of the time you are trying to understand what the contract notice is trying to say and what service they require. So it needs to be plain English.”

There are loads more where this came from so once again take a look here.

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