Tory caps on immigrant IT workers will be UK's loss

The Tory plans to limit the number of overseas workers in the UK could lead to a brain drain in the UK.

Tory plans to cap the number of workers permitted in the UK appears to be one of its ideas that has avoided the Liberal Democrat quick rinse and therefore should go ahead. Although promise actually means something different in politics.

According to an overseas senior IT professional the UK is not that good a destination for people with high level IT skills.

This is what he said:

“Even though the UK has an incredibly high demand for skilled IT professionals, the standard of living in the UK has become very low compared to other developed countries.

Cameron will now go ahead with his plans to put a cap on immigration, but I’m not intimidated. There are many immigrants in my department and even though we are paid less money, we bring a significant contribution. Speaking for myself, I am a lot more skilled and produce a lot more compared to colleagues of about the same age.

Despite the general, simplistic argument that we are taking jobs away from UK nationals, we are bringing a specialised workforce to a country that is depleted of high-level IT skills.

So if the new Prime Minister wants to continue to bear the high costs of that sort of work and make it more difficult for immigrants to come and work here, I don’t care – I’m off to Canada soon anyway!”