Tory Rail Minister insensitive with Indian job opportunity claim

Sacked call centre workers in Newcastle who have been replaced by workers in Mumbai have been reminded by a Tory politician that it is within their rights to take a job in India as part of a TUPE transfer.

Workers at an East Coast passenger call centre lost their jobs when work was offshored to Mumbai. Rail Minister Theresa Villiers wrote to Berwick MP Sir Alan Beith, who complained, to remind him that under TUPE regulations the workers will be given the opportunity to relocate to the Mumbai centre. 

She said: “These staff will be given the opportunity to transfer to the new service providers under TUPE where those services are to continue.” 

I was recently involved in a TUPE transfer and I thought under the regulations the staff would get their extra travel costs paid for two years as well. If the workers took up this option it would really throw a spanner in the works. 

It would be interesting if some of the staff affected went for the new jobs and flew home every weekend.

A Department for Transport spokesman said: “National Express Services Ltd staff employed at Baron House will be given the opportunity to transfer to the new service provider under TUPE. Exactly how this works will be a matter for the new service provider.”

Read more about TUPE here  

All I can say about the comments is that at least when a government changes unpopular MPs are kicked out rather than being offered TUPE transfers.

Here is Villiers’ website.