The solid facts about immigrant workers in the UK

There are always heated debates when it comes to the number of immigrant workers in the UK.

This is particularly true in the IT industry, where thousands of workers enter the UK through the controversial Intra Company Transfer (ICT) scheme. This often occurs when companies offshore IT work to low cost destinations, such as India.

Whether you think there have been too many non EU workers in the UK or whether you think they are an essential resource, below are the hard facts.

An Inside Outsourcing reader has sent me all the figures on labour immigration to the UK over the last 11 years. This was provided in answer to a recent parliamentary question from James Clappison MPIt makes interesting reading and shows just how core to the immigration debate the IT industry is. It also adds fuel to the fire when it comes to the debate over alleged abuses of ICTs.

If you click on the links below you can see all the statistics, as presented by the government, for the total number of immigrant workers by occupation, the total number using ICTs by occupation and the total number using ICTs by nationality. These show all occupations but IT stands out as a major recipient of immigrant workers.

1 – Total number of immigrant workers by occupation 1997 to 2008

 Click here


2 – The total number using Intra Company Transfers by occupation 1997 to 2008

Work Permits that were ICTs by occupation.htm


3 – The total number using Intra Company Transfers by nationality 1997 to 2008

Total ICT permits by nationality.htm


For a taster here are some of the figures for IT professionals

– Work permits granted between 1997 and 2008 for certain IT roles.

Other IT occupation – 104,070
Computer engineer – 3,720
Computer programmer –  8,610
Software engineer – 62,165
System analyst –  26,800
Total 1,568,235

Of this over 300,000 were Intra Company Transfers and half were IT workers. A massive proportion were from India.

– Intra Company Transfers in the UK between 1997 and 2008 by nationality

India -166,410
USA – 61,845
Japan – 20,625
Australia -12,570


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Would I be able to sue the government for damage done to my career earnings potential as a result of their incompetence and stupidity?

A couple of points:

I think your figures are incorrect - you show the total number of ICT's and the total number of immigrant workers as the same figure - 317,895.

I don't know how you managed to get the info either - using an FOI request I asked my MP (Sam Gmiyah), David Cameron, Vince Cable (in his capacity as business secretary), the Home Office and the UK Borders Agency how many Indian IT workers had come to the UK since the year 2000, how many were still here, how many were allowed into the UK in 2010 and how many would be allowed in this year.

I was told by the borders agency that it would cost more than £600 or take more than 3 days so they don't need to tell me the answers.

The home office said it's absolutely nothing to do with them.

My MP told me that it was good to have Indian IT workers in the UK doing my job (I've now been out of work for 17 months) because UK businesses were making 'hundreds of millions of £s from India' - let me guess - the amount they 'make' is about the same as we give India in aid every year.

Cameron & Cable never bothered to reply, I guess Cameron is too busy playing 'Wars R Us' and Cable now thinks he's divine and too good to speak to the common man.

There are currently over 50,000 UK IT workers out of work. At an average wage of £30k per year that works out at £1.5 Billion. Add to that the same amount of money flowing into Indian IT industry coffers and you have a total loss of £3 Billion. I doubt very much that British business makes this amount of money out of India.

In the worst economic crisis for 80 years our government thinks it's a great idea to put the Brits out of work and give their jobs to the Indians.

Worse - when Cameron manages to fire all the doctors’ receptionists and have a wonderful centralised call centre to manage all their appointments where do you suppose that call centre will be placed?

Anyone know how to say 'strangulated hernia' in Hindi?

Roll on the revolution.