The government publishes progress report on IT overhaul

The government has published details on the progress it is making on its plans to make government more efficient.


In a document entitled: Business Plans: Check progress on implementing our policies, the government outlines the progress it is making on its IT overhaul.


Click here for the document.


Here is a summary of the progress of the government’s four part plan to integrate ICT infrastructure across central government, and improve value for money in ICT. 


1 – Increase the CIO’s power to integrate ICT across government.


The government has completed this apparently. I never saw any announcements but it is long overdue. Giving the government CIO the teeth to implement a government-wide strategy that is adhered to by department CIOs is a good thing. Completed


2 – Draft ICT infrastructure strategy, including government cloud computing strategy.


This has also been completed.


3 – Begin regular publication of performance details of all ICT projects above £1m.


This should have started in September and is now overdue


4 – Complete the first version of a cross-departmental asset register.


This will start in May next year and end the same month.