Tech Mahindra lays Satyam name to rest and breaks top five of Indian owned IT suppliers

After nearly four and a half years of change the IT services brand that was Satyam will disappear from our minds as Tech Mahindra integrates its operations.

The company acquired Satyam  after it almost collapsed after a billion dollar fraud carried out by its former chairman Ramalinga Raju in January 2009.

It went by the name of Mahindra Satyam for a while but has now completed the integration of the operations, boasting a total turnover of $2.7bn last year, putting at number five in the list of Top Indian owned IT services firms in terms of revenues.

I had a chat with Vikram Nair, who heads up Europe for the company. He said the company is now a single brand with a single operation which will be able to combine its software skills from the Satyam legacy with its networking expertise from Tech Mahindra. A compelling offering when you consider the importance of networking and communications in today’s IT departments.

Vikram also believes Europe makes up a higher proportion of its sales out of the other top five Indian owned players of TCS, Infosys, Wipro and HCL.

I asked Vikram why the Satyam name was dropped.   He said it had a bad name after the fraud and potential new customers might be put off even if they did a simple Google search for Satyam and were bombarded with negativity.

Read this to see all the gory details and the rescue in this Satyam Timeline: From tragedy to fairytale.

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