Tata Consultancy services still gets double digit growth

India’s biggest IT services firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has managed to generate 14% more in sales in its latest quarter compared to the same period last year. Its sales were worth about $2.9bn in the three month period.

Like the next biggest Indian IT services giant, Infosys, it did better than the market expected.

Double digit growth in IT sales is not just a thing of the past then.

TCS also increased the size of its workforce by about 10,000 to 263,637.

But what keeps TCS on its toes?

I was sent an internal email form a source which showed how TCS is obsessive about its competitors. It regularly sends an internal mail to staff explaining what all of its competitors are doing and how well they are doing it. The list of competitors is long and it is very detailed.

I won’ t go into detail on what it said in this post but will go through it and pick some interesting things up later.

Well one of its competitors is big on offering cloud based platforms aimed at niche markets.

BG Srinivas has told me on a couple of occasions that these platforms are a focus area.
The recession has driven customers to look for more flexible ways of paying for service and these platforms enable this.

As a result there is interest from customers in Infosys. Srinivas said in the last quarter there has been strong demand for its ProcureEdge procurement platform, its BrandEdge marketing system and its CreditEdge financial services offering, which are delivered via a private cloud.

I had a conversation with Infosys’ VP product, platforms and solutions, Gopal Devanahalli today about its latest platform as a service.Here is a bit more detail about its latest platform, known as AssistEdge. This is a customer service platform aimed at improving customer services experiences.

The platform launches next week, but already has a large US and a large UK telco implementing it.

It supports customer services agents by linking together all customer services channels. Infosys is delivering these platforms, which address particular customer pain points, via a private cloud.

Who said Indian IT services firms just make money selling cheap labour?

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