Steria takes cost cutting initiative for UK police

Steria today won a big deal with Cleveland police authority. Perhaps more interesting than the £175m, 10 year deal, is the fact that Cleveland police became Steria’s first customer of its new shared services offering for police forces.

We all know the massive savings that shared services can offer. Most police forces have to complete the samebusiness processess, therefore why not share the back office resources?

So with the government about to try and rip cost out of the public sector, £50m savings over 10 years, which is what Cleveland is expecting, looks good.

I hope the government recognises the long term savings of a capital investment in IT and not just slash projects to reach its cost cutting targets.

The more police forces that sign up the more efficient the service becomes.

Perhaps the Cabinet Office, now that it is charge of IT procurement, will use its cross department visibility to recognise and implement shared services. Public sector organisations that do the same work can obviously share services.

The previous government had already got the ball rolling with its cloud computing strategy.