Steria had a buzz at NASSCOM 2010

Hillary Robertson, Steria’s director of business process outsourcing, has given me a quick outline of what she made of this year’s Nasscom event in Mumbai.

Like one attendee, that said Nasscom got its swagger back, she also noted a bigger buzz.

Like most Nasscom attendees there is an air of cautious optimism.

Here is her blog post:

“This year’s NASSCOM was noticeably more exciting than previous years – there was without a doubt, a much bigger buzz, taking us away from the heady double digit growth days to a more reflective, but nonetheless optimistic view of business models of the future.

This year focused more on re-defining the industry, looking at non-linear growth and new pricing models (like pay-per-use), showing big potential for the Indian domestic market.

There was a considerable emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection, highlighting that India seemed to be leading the way in harnessing technology to deliver for Europe and the UK.  It was particularly rewarding for me to see larger scale CSR projects being recognised and rewarded at the event.

I was especially excited to see some of the UK central government there, including John Suffolk, Government CIO.  Perhaps one thing that the organisers might like to consider for next year is to include a speaker like global economist Jim O’Neil, who could talk about the BRICs and their potential for economic dominance come 2050.

 Overall, compared to last year, NASSCOM 2010 seemed to be much harder hitting and more widely attended by the ‘who’s who’ of the IT industry.”