Shared services not worth the time in public sector? It can't be true.

I have written fairly extensively about shared services in the public sector.

It seems to make perfect sense for public sector organisations, which share common processes, should share the people and systems that complete these processes.

It is already happening across the public sector. There are examples in the NHS, the police and local authorities of organisations that have already taken the plunge. Recent research, by Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, said that 96% of local councils are moving towards shared services.

But although examples such as the NHS Shared business service, have gone some way towards providing a business case for shared services in the public sector, not everyone is convinced.

Analyst company Ovum this week revealed the findings of research of public sector CIOs towards shared services.

It seems in Europe about half are concerned that the cost benefits are not enough to justify the major upheaval.  A quarter of the same group said that they would avoid shared services out of loyalty to existing staff, who could be surplus to requirements in a shared service.

A third of them were concerned about losing control.

I am interesting in hearing what IT professionals as well suppliers working in the public sector think of this.