Romania, India and Swindon combine to support water to Anglians

Capgemini’s latest deal, with Anglian Water, caught my attention initially because it is the first customer they have made public that will use the company’s new Merlin datacentre which is in Swindon. My colleague Jenny Williams and I visited it before it opened.


It uses a different model in that the building contains multiple standalone datacentre modules. It is also hailed as the most energy efficient data centre in the world.


Read more about it here.


See pictures of it here.


Anyway, Anglian Water has signed a five-year IT services contract with Capgemini for IT infrastructure and core business applications.


Capgemini’s strategy to deliver customers services from a mixture of locations, known as Rightshore, is also key to this strategy.


So the infrastructure will be in Swindon, the application management in India and the UK and the help desk in Romania.


Offshoring to India in particular and Romania, increasingly, is common practice for businesses. I just hope that there are no difficulties with the Swindon accent.