Report reveals Indian IT suppliers are getting a second wind

Equaterra is about to announce the results of its latest survey of the performance of IT service providers working in the UK.

The survey interviewed over 200 large businesses and analysed over 600 IT outsourcing contracts.

There are lots of interesting findings but I though I would start with the success of the Indian suppliers in this year’s study.

The results show that in terms of general customer satisfaction Wipro is leading the way. Second is Mahindra Satyam and Cognizant is third.

I spoke to Lee Ayling, managing director at Equaterra last week. He says the Indians are coming back. I know they have never really gone away but they could be getting a second wind.

This second wind could be a sign of these companies maturing in the Western markets.

Ayling believes part of the reason for success this year is the fact that many of the Indian suppliers have built local management teams. This has given them a better understanding of customer needs. It also allows them to be close on hand when required.

He also says that some Indian companies have moved beyond their traditional application lifecycle specialisation to offer infrastructure management.

So ten years on Indian companies, which got their first wind as a low cost answer to the Y2K bug, are maturing into true globalised suppliers.

Measured across about 10 KPIs the Indians did pretty well.

Look out on Computer Weekly for a version of the full report available for free. When it is ready I will blog about it.

See an article about last year’s report here.