Regrets they've had a few - the five big regrets of a troubled IT service provider

Gartner thinks 20 of the world’s to 100 IT service providers will not exist as standalone companies by 2014 as a result of consolidation. They are likely toi be taken iver by another player before 2014 is out.

The analyst firm says this is largely due to the fact that companies have failed to restructure to meet changing customer demands.

Here is a link to an article I wrote about it and below are Gartner’s five regrets of failing IT service providers:

“We should have built, validated and implemented a long-term strategy”

“We should have rationalized the portfolio and adopted service life cycle management processes”

“We wish we had aligned and connected our sales force to our strategy, portfolio and delivery capability”

“We should have gutted the marketing function and rebuilt it so that it could articulate the tangible value we deliver”

“We should have resolutely leveraged our global delivery investment while aggressively pursuing automation and virtualisation”

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