Reddit takes debate, on Indian and Chinese companies recruiting in UK, global

I did a blog post this week titled: “Don’t worry about us sending jobs to India because companies there will come here and employ you.”

It was all about a study carried out by IBM that suggested that in a few years companies in emerging economies such as India and China will become big employers in the US and Europe. IBM currently sends thousands of jobs in the opposite direction.

It has sparked up an interesting debate on news aggregation website Because the comments do not appear on this blog I thought I would provide a link so people can see what IT workers across the world think of the issue.

See below an example of the comments and see the debate by clicking here.

Comment by Prateekmi2: “Globalization is not a one way road from developed nations to the developing ones. It is bound to help them some way or the other in future, but I don’t see that happening for some time to come.”

Comment by youcanteatbullets: “I don’t get it. Isn’t the point of sending jobs to India because it’s cheaper? How is it cheaper if they employ people in the country that did the offshoring?”

You should have a look at There are some great international discussions about outsourcing on there.