Read the confidential document about Labour's plans to reduce immigration leaked by Wikileaks

Immigration abuse by IT suppliers – There’s a Wikileak for that


A confidential document revealing the discussions within Labour government about better managing immigration, including reducing the number of Intra Company Transfers (ICTs), has been given to the Telegraph by Wikileaks.


(see the confidential document here)


It reveals the options being proposed to the then Labour government.


In the memo the Migration Accounts Committee (MAC) suggested that ICTs in the UK could be reduced through increasing penalties on companies violating the rules, greater monitoring, increasing the fee for visas and increasing the minimum amount that ICTs should earn.


The Tory/Liberal government imposed an immigration cap but did not include ICTs. However it did set a pay threshold on ICTs of £40,000. But that is all and many in the IT sector believe the £40,000 threshold is too low in IT.


Proposed changes were being discussed in 2009 amid unemployment fears and the global recession. The memo explains how ICTs were specifically under review. It explains that most ICTs in the UK are Indian IT workers.


The government was obviously worried about how limiting ICTs would impact US companies. But Professor David Metcalf, who chairs the MAC, reassured than that they would not be hit because US ICTs earn over the pay threshold that will be set.