Over a billion biometric ID cards for Indians on the way

The UK ID cards scheme was massively controversial, massively expensive and a massive waste of time in the end.

But compared to the challenge of giving 1.2 billion Indian citizens biometric ID cards it was a tiny undertaking.

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about the ID card Indian project. The people that head up the project estimated it would cost £3bn in total compared to £5.3bn for the ID card scheme in the UK.

Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani is leading the project.

I blog about it today because there are signs that the project is moving forward nicely with IT supplier MindTree being awarded a software development and maintenance contract to support the complex software that will authenticate every Indian citizen using biometric technology. 

MidTree described it as an opportunity to serve its nation. Maybe the UK government could award more UK IT companies contracts to get the same level of commitment.

I met MindTree earlier this year and found them an interesting company.