Over 100 reasons why local government shouldn't outsource

I came across this article when I was writing about Cornwall council’s controversial outsourcing debate.

It comes from Unison at Barnet council and lists over 100 examples of reasons why Barnet should not outsource services to the private sector. The reasons could be applied to any council and many of the examples are from other councils.

Click on this picture to see the list .


Mind you every debate has more than one side. In my recent survey asking for people’s views on outsourcing local government services I have had feedback from people that think it is a good idea. Although it is a very small minority here are some of the comments left by those that support local service outsourcing.

“If you believe in basic economic principles that competition increase quality and lowers price. Also the only alternative is jobs and services cuts on a massive scale, see Sheffield.”

“Private companies can invest for the long term and can improve productivity, maybe not for front line services but the classic back office, IT and call centres are often better ran by private companies.”

“Why shouldn’t back office be delivered by private shared service centres.”