Outsourcing suppliers are taking on supplier management responsibilities

News that BP has tasked T-Systems with looking after its voice and data communications infrastructure with the added role of managing its suppliers is an example of how the market is changing.

The multi-million pound deal which spans 5 years was announced today.

Industry expert Robert Morgan, at Hamilton Bailey, says this is the way the market is moving.

He says, what is known as the Service Integration role, which T-Systems has assumed in this case, is a good thing to do logically speaking. But he warns that the supplier chosen to do this must really understand what’s available in  the market.

Because the BP deal is global T-Systems must understand the different service capabilities of suppliers in different regions.

I would ask:

If this trend continues will smaller suppliers be destined to play peripheral roles in outsourcing contracts?

There is also a potential conflict of interest with the Service Integrator potentially preferring its own products over that of existing or potential suppliers.

Robert thinks this is more of a cause for concern in IT outsourcing deals rather than comms deals, like BP’s.