Outsourcing need not mean sacking staff but repurposing them

I had a meeting with a company called Bluesource on Friday and its COO, Andrew Mckeeve, had some interesting things to say about outsourcing enabling businesses to get more out of IT in-house IT workers.

Bluesource provides remote management if the server infrastructures that email/ communications systems sit on top of. Management of these systems is business critical in today’s business environment with high volumes of data changing hands via email.

When you outsource to Bluesource you no longer require people to administer these systems.

Obviously businesses can make redundancies but this is a waste of talent. Why not, switch these workers, to something more strategic?

McKeeve says that many system administrators are very talented IT professionals and are wasted doing that job. “You don’t want someone with a computer science degree pushing buttons.”

Bluesource has started using this in its sales pitch and it is having enormous success. Since they started saying this about three months ago, the company has made more sales than in the previous three years, says McKeeve.

Don’t take my word for it. One of Bluesource’s customers is WWF – UK. IT head David Southern, said signing a deal with Bluesource has allowed it to make internal IT staff more efficient which has been a major bonus. “Bluesource really are an extension of our team and liberate our in-house resources to focus on other projects,” he says.

So why has the company made more sales since it has been selling this as an advantage?

Perhaps IT directors are more comfortable outsourcing if it doesn’t mean making their staff redundant