Outsourcing consultants in high demand

I just got off the phone with Equaterra’s UK head Lee Ayling. He told me that he was currently rushed off his feet trying to find good consultants.


He said demand is increasing fast and the company is hiring more people to meet this.


It would make sense for outsourcing to increase now as organisations attempt to get ready to position themselves for growth.


I had a meeting with Partners Robert Morgan director at consultancy Burnt-Oak on Friday and he said demand is highest in the Nordics, followed by the Benelux countries.


He says he says he might even have more consultants based in Scandanavia than the UK soon.


He says this is because Scandinavians are more open to trying new things out. Burnt-Oak is a bit different because it stays with the customer after a deal is signed and takes responsibility for ensuring the promised results are achieved.