Outsourcer Xchanging to re-launch its insurance software business

Xchanging is a name that crops up regularly in my conversations about outsourcing but I have never written about it before. It is a big business process outsourcing firm, with a large customer base in the insurance sector.

For example has a big outsourcing contract with the Lloyds of London insurance market. It’s software is used by companies like AXA and Allianz Insurance.

The company has a number of software platforms to run client business processes and also sells its own software to insurance companies and brokers. It is basically an ERP system for insurance firms. Users are largely commercial insurance and reinsurance firms.

I met Xchanging yesterday to find out more.

The company is updating its software with the introduction of a modular .Net based system. The suite of .Net components can be used to help these insurance firms, which often have monolithic IT systems become quicker to react to market changes with new products.

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