Ousted IT blogger has refreshing change but competition for jobs is fierce

This is part nine of a series of blog posts written by an IT professional that was ousted when his employer offshored IT jobs. This week he, like last week, is more positive about his opportunities but the competition for jobs is fierce.

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Situation: vacant

by I.T. Jobseeker

I was speaking to yet another agency last week. I am glad to say that they were different from many of the others, a refreshing change from some I have dealt with so far.  

An ad was posted on a recruitment site at 17.15 last Thursday and I sent my CV in response at around 18.00. I got a call from ‘Dead Straight Recruitment’ first thing on Friday  morning. After a brief chat, the recruiter said that he thought I was a good fit for the role.

‘So you will be putting me forward to your client?’ I asked, not unreasonably.

‘Well, normally I would say yes right away,’ he said with a little hesitation, ‘but I’ve got lots of other people to speak to. It’s only fair that I look at all of the CV’s and have a brief chat with likely candidates, as I just have with you.’

‘How many people have applied in this short time?’ I asked.

‘Sixty Seven,’ he told me. ‘I’ve taken the ad down because I can’t handle anymore’.

‘And how many positions are there?’

‘Just the one’

‘Are you a sole agent?’

‘I’m afraid not. There’s one other and the brief is for each of us to send their best three CV’s,’ he said, rather apologetically. ‘I will call you on Monday if you are in the top three. Otherwise you should assume that you are not. Sorry.’

He didn’t call. Maybe I came fourth. Despite not being put forward, this agency were up front about everything and I wish they would all act in such a fair manner.

I was glad of the insight into the response to this single vacancy.  Up until now I have only been looking for jobs within a reasonable commute from home. Time to spread the net a lot further.

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