Our ousted IT blogger has landed a job

This is part eleven of a series of blog posts written by an IT professional that was ousted when his employer offshored IT jobs. This week will sadly be the last of the blog posts because the ousted blogger has got a job.

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Situation: working as an analyst on a short-term contract with the prospect of an extension.

by I.T. Jobseeker

Success at last! After extending the internet job search to cover the whole of the UK (a kind of virtual, Norman Tebbitt style, getting on my bike), I’ve found a job. It’s a long commute from home, but just about do-able, saving a fortune in hotel bills. The location would be a nightmare drive – a complete semi-circle of the M25, so it’s the train, or rather trains, for me.

I also had an interview lined up with a company in Edinburgh. I was happy to cancel it.

Having been made redundant at the height of the worst recession for many years, now I have a job I am dependent on rail travel at the start of the first national rail strike for many years. The forces of Murphy seem to be conspiring against me. Bob Crow is coming up fast on the rails in the person-most-loathed-by-IT-Jobseeker handicap stakes. And at post the winner is… Phil Woolas MP.  

The job market seems to have picked up for me in the last month or so, and I think that there is more to it than just my widening the search. It’s a bit early to open the champagne, but with a new financial year almost here with fresh budgets, a backlog of shelved projects and the prospect of a clamp down on ICT abuse, happy days could be here again soon, or at least in the not-to-distant-future.

I would like to thank Karl for giving me the space in his blog to tell my woeful tale. Unemployment has been an interesting and unforgettable experience, one that I don’t want to repeat any time soon.