Office skivers get goals while employers get short changed

Here is the latest World Cup internet traffic monitor from managed service provider Star. It has been monitoring the impact that live streaming of World Cup games during office hours is having on UK traffic.

The graph for Monday shows that workers are watching games in increasing numbers with unexpected games getting huge rises in daytime internet traffic.

When Portugal played North Korea at lunchtime internet traffic was 31% higher than the norm.

Could this have been viewers expecting the classic of 1966 when Portugal came back fro 3 – 0 down to win 5 – 3. Well they weren’t disappointed if it was goals they wanted with Portugal sticking 7 in the back of the net.

Internet traffic during Germany’s game and defeat against Serbia was 42% higher than the normal daytime internet traffic peak.

This compares to a tiny increase above the normal daytime traffic for the Argentina/South Korea game and a 14% increase above the norm for the the Greece/Nigeria match.

The Spain versus Switzerland game on wednesday saw a 26% increase on the usual level for that time. The previous day, when Portugal took on the Ivory Coast saw traffic 23% over the norm. Daytime traffic was 18% up the first few days of the tournament.

The traffic on the afternoon of the 23rd June, when England plays its final and decisive group game, will be interesting.

Here is the traffic for Monday 21 June:

portugal N Korea.JPG