National Outsourcing Association chief plays with comedy fire by heckling Jack Whitehall

I was at the National Outsourcing Association’s annual awards on Thursday and I saw something I have never seen before.

The main comedy act was heckled by the person that introduced the awards, chairman of the NOA Martyn Hart, before he even took to the stage. And he got away with it.

There were people cringing in the audience.

The comedian who hosted the event was Jack Whitehall and he didn’t respond to Hart’s taunts. They included accusing him of being sad because he still lived at home.

I expected Hart to be savaged but it didn’t happen. You are a brave man Martyn.

I was also talking to a service provider who didn’t expect to win anything. I told them not to worry because awards are meaningless. But they won one and they didn’t seem to agree.

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