Modern IT era has an XP D-day in 2013

I have been asking people for their thoughts and predictions for the IT services sector next year.

Sam Kingston, a former CIO and now UK head at service provider T-Systems, made an interesting point about Windows XP. Support for XP will end in April 2014.

This is what Sam said: “With one year to go until Windows XP is officially retired for good, companies who have not moved off this ageing platform will start to feel uneasy as vendors wind down any remaining support for products sitting on this desktop OS. This D-day of the modern IT era has always felt far enough away, to some, to be brushed aside. When supporting vendors start to announce end dates for their XP based products, the realisation that the date is fast approaching will hit these companies, and a wave of migration projects will be kicked off in a bid to at least move the underlying OS forwards onto the next supported platform. Windows 8 is still too fresh, and its benefits beyond the tablet are still being debated. Windows Vista is a non-starter, so this leaves the rational choice for the next step to be Windows 7.”

If you are still on XP, tell me what your plans are by leaving a message.

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