Low cost offshore labour closing-down sale is on and rush from Indian IT suppliers expected

The errors in the UK Border Agency’s 2011 minimum salary figures for offshore workers brought to the UK mean they have reverted to the 2010 figures until the problem is fixed.

This gives offshore suppliers an opportunity to bring staff in now before the final changes to the salaries are published.

The new figures were originally published at the beginning of this month but were later changed as a result of errors. The UKBA said it is reverting to the 2010 figures,.

So for a limited period only bring in offshore labour for almost 50% less than it will soon cost.

Here are some examples of the changes to salaries in the 2010 UKBA figures and the 2011 figures that have now been removed.

-Senior Systems Administrator increases 47%
-Software Engineer increases 22%
-Senior Software Engineer increases 29%
-Senior Business Analyst increases 33%
-Senior Systems Developer increases 40%

See the full details here. Unless the errors are the actual salaries these will be the changes.

Don’t be surprised if there is a rush for Intra Company Transfer (ICT) visas. A contact tells me that last March when the right to permanent settlement was going to be removed for applications from April 2010 there was a 50% increase on monthly ICT visa applications.